Lower Body Masterclass

For just $44 Risk Free You will Receive:

  • Access to the 1 hour Live Masterclass, where you will learn taping techniques for the foot, lower leg, and thigh. 

    Value $49.

  • Access to the recording of the Rear Foot and Lower Leg 2 hour Live Masterclass recorded on June 11th, 2020 so that you can prepare for this masterclass and learn the techniques and the concepts that were taught.

    Value $97.

    As a bonus, for the next 30 days you will receive:

    • Access to a recording of the Live Class so that you can master the techniques and the concepts taught.

      Value $49. 

    • Immediate access to a membership page with step by step videos and instruction that reflect the techniques that were taught in both classes so that you can continue to improve.

      Value $156​.

    • Biweekly Live Classes with DL Walker, BS., MS., Ed. so that you can continue to learn how to make your foundation and your body strong, study, and sound.

      Value $97. 

    • Access to DL Walker, BS., MS., Ed., PT via email to ask any questions.

      Value $47/question. 

    • Access to Fixuonline's Million Dollar Body Renovation Program. The activities and information provided are worth a million dollars in savings;  to your health, freedom, happiness, and well being now and in the future. 

      Value $47.

    30 Day Money Back Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you wish to continue to access all of the bonuses after the free 30 days, you will be automatically provided notice via email and given the opportunity to cancel with the click of a button.

    If you wish to continue to improve your health, healing and resilience then you can just allow billing and continue to enjoy these benefits and more. 

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    Actual Cost:


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