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Over 25% of the world's population have bunions.

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For people who want to:

  • Undo the wear and tear of time using Corrective Activities safely and in the comfort of their homes.


  • Get out of pain naturally.​

  • Manage their bodies correctly to be resilient to injury and disease, now and in the future.


    • ​Learn the proper and most effective way to move and to exercise without spending countless hours at a gym; make life their exercise.​


      • Access experts without having to travel to an office appointment.​


        • Optimize their time and energy by targeting the neurological, muscular, and skeletal systems that diminish after age 40. ​

          For people who want to:

          • Get out of pain, avoid medication and postpone or eliminate the need for surgery for a specific diagnosed condition.


          • Learn how to self-manage a specific body part from the comfort of their home. 


            • Improve functional tasks to retain independence at home and in their daily live.


              • Wear shoes comfortably without spending thousands to do so.​


                • Access experts without having to travel to an office appointment.​


                  • Prepare for surgery to improve outcomes and decrease the need for pain medications after your procedure. 

                    Who is DL Walker?

                    DL Walker has over 20 years experience in physical therapy, exercise physiology, massage, neurophysiology, athletic training and alternative medicine.


                    She holds a Bachelor Degree in Science majoring in Physical Therapy and Fitness/Cardiac Rehab, and a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. She has been credentialed as a Health Coach and Certified Functional Manual Therapist.


                    She specializes in health and sports performance enhancement through an integrated approach that includes education, counsel, and exercise to foster physical strength and injury prevention.


                    She has worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US Olympic Committee, Personal Trainer for the Sports Training Institute in NYC, and Exercise Physiologist for the Saint Francis Hospital, New York.


                    Her work has been published in Advance for PT Magazine.


                    She founded Fun Fitness Physical Therapy, PC, where she provided home health rehabilitation services to patients. She has developed a unique fall prevention program, which is currently used by a New York City Home Health Agency. She developed and implemented a research study to determine the effects of physical therapy and exercise on falls, for a major NYC senior services supplier.


                    She was part of a development team at the US Olympic Education Centre, to create sport specific exercise programs for Olympic level athletes.

                    • Qualified

                    • Dedicated

                    • Successful

                    • Degrees and Certificates:


                      • Downstate Medical Center: Bachelor of Science: Physical Therapy.
                      • Queens College: Master's of Science: Exercise Science.
                      • Ithaca College: Bachelor of Science: Fitness/Cardiac Rehab.
                      • Institute of Physical Art: Certified Functional Manual Therapist.
                      • Amer. Academy of Ortho. Manual Therapists: Fellow in Training.
                      • The Health Network: Health Coach.
                    • Professional Experience: 


                      • US Olympic Committee: Strength and Conditioning Coach
                      • Sports Training Institute: Personal Trainer
                      • National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Care: PTSt. 
                      • Francis Hospital: Exercise Physiologist
                    • Publications:


                      • Fear of Falling. 
                      • Don’t Let Your Doctor Have the Last Word.
                      • Children’s Backpacks.
                    • Course Development: 


                      • Assessment and Treatment  for Balance Enhancement and Fall Prevention.
                      • Assessment and Treatment of Walking
                      • Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvis, Coccyx and Pelvic Floor.
                      • Assessment and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle.
                      • The Bunion Solution.
                      • The Toe Walking Solution.
                      • The Tailor's Bunion Solution
                      • The Heel Pain Solution
                      • The Hammer Toe Solution

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